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Chart House Paneed Chicken Recipe High Quality

A full list of the ingredients is in the recipe card below, but here are a few noteworthy tips.Chicken breasts: Be sure to buy ultra-thin chicken cutlets (or chicken medallions) or cut boneless skinless chicken breasts in half horizontally and pound to inch thick. This recipe works best with white meat chicken.Romano cheese: Sometimes called Pecorino Romano cheese.Parmesan cheese: Just a touch rounds out the flavor profile.Panko bread crumbs: This specific type of breadcrumb is what produced a similar crust to the one at the Cheesecake Factory. Regular breadcrumbs do not have the same texture.Canola oil: Any neutral oil or vegetable oil is a good choice for this. Avoid a highly flavorful oil such as extra virgin olive oil. It will overpower the flavor of the Romano cheese.

Chart House Paneed Chicken Recipe



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