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Win 8.1 Pro X86-x64 BG-EN Activated Branding Full Version ((HOT))

Hi, I downloaded all the files in the Win 8.1 Pro X86-x64 BG-EN Activated Branding Full Version, and have been trying to install it on my virtual machine using the Unetbootin program. I keep getting a message from the Unetbootin that, USB device not found (even though the model of the USB I am using is USB 3.0). Any ideas how I can fix this?

Win 8.1 Pro X86-x64 BG-EN Activated Branding Full Version

Download File:

Hello. We have completed this process, ( ) and these two machines (in order) now have Windows 10 professional with all Office 365 functionality. The Acer feels faster than the Dell but the Dell will not light up. It's a glossy display with a yellow LED under the display. The Acer is a matte display so this is not an issue. The only issue we've had with the two machines is that the serial number resets each time the machine starts up. It's in a locked display position. It will not go back out of that mode. If we hit the power button (and nothing else is on) the machine will go to recovery mode. We've removed the battery and put it back in and it will start up normally. But it just resets the serial number. I've spent literally hours on the phone with both of their support folks but to no avail. I have a feeling they will wipe the hard drive if we ask too many questions. Any ideas?

Since I really like the functionality of Ubuntu, Im considering switching it for my linux OS. However, I have learned that Ubuntu is a bit harder to install than Windows. So I was wondering if theres a way to convert Ubuntu to a fully-functional windows 8.1. The only purpose of this is so that I can play windows games on steam for some people. I need to mention that I have a clean windows 8.1 pro x64.

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