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40 Something Fucks ((BETTER))

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Yet generation X, those born roughly between 1965 and 1980 (it's worth noting that demographers disagree about the group's exact parameters, preferring to use the dates 1963 to 1977), remains forever young in the public imagination, still those 20-somethings sitting around Seattle and Austin grunge bars and coffee houses exchanging ironic witticisms about life and doing not much else with their time. "Somebody seems to have forgotten generation X," writes Jeff Gordinier, American author of the just released X Saves the World: How Generation X Got the Shaft but Can Still Keep Everything From Sucking. "The stodgy old species known as the 30-something has been shuttled off like Molly Ringwald herself, to some sort of Camp Limbo for demographic lepers."

Gordinier seeks to rescue generation X from the shadows in this rollicking book. He revisits Gen X highlights from childhood in the inflation-ridden 1970s through slacking during the recession of the early 1990s to the dot-com boom and bust, and what came after. He looks at the careers of folks as disparate as director Paul Thomas Anderson and Meetup founder Scott Heiferman and his partners to prove that, well, Gen X doesn't deserve its slacker reputation. They work, those 30- and 40-somethings. They really do -- when they can get work, that is. Generation X, it seems, has a nasty habit of getting bushwhacked by bad economic conditions time and time again. Yes, they've produced a few Internet millionaires, but census bureau figures reveal that the men of generation X are grossing less than their fathers at the same age. And if you think you detect a tone of slight bitterness in my reportorial voice, in the interests of full disclosure I admit to a birth date that marks me as a full-fledged member of generation X.

Yet Gordinier is ultimately an optimist, believing generation X is only now coming into its own as a true force for change. He points to a growing number of 30- and 40-something social activists, arguing that the sheer number of political, international, economic and environmental disasters that have occurred over the course of George W. Bush's presidency leaves generation X with no choice but to begin to go about the business of fixing our society. In short, he believes the group will turn into the demographic equivalent of Winston Wolf, the clean-up character played by Harvey Keitel in Pulp Fiction:

"No, no. What happened was my son Toby was born on Jan. 27, 2006. My editor at Details called me at home when Toby was maybe a week or 10 days old. I was really tired, frustrated and vulnerable. And he wanted something for the April issue. We were riffing about generation X, I was whining and this screed poured out about the fucking crap culture and American Idol culture that I found so abhorrent. Whatever progress had been made in terms of fostering an alternative viewpoint in America, it failed miserably. The generation X viewpoint had been marginalized."

JG: "I think the Gen X viewpoint is indirection. The boomer and millennial viewpoint is "I want to be in the fucking spotlight." Gen Xers are uninterested in the spotlight. They're more interested in dodging it and doing good work quietly. I think there's a sort of comfort in the margins. Our influence on American culture has been in the shadows. It has been from the margins, even if we're talking about something as macro as Google. Its genesis was microcosmic."

JG: "It's weird the degree to which it seems to be, don't you think? Yet, people are unaware of how much they were formed by shared cultural influences. You know, whether it was just watching Gilligan's Island in reruns, or having some faint memory of Watergate and Vietnam, going through this phase in which a lot of people's parents got divorced, not in my case, but that's, I think, something that impacted a lot of Xers.

JG: "I think something like YouTube reflects Gen-X values. Craigslist, certainly. Wikipedia. Google. But instead of Gen-X values, why don't we talk about Gen-X head space. I think that, when you look at something like Wikipedia, something that's crowd-source like that, I mean, it reflects the same obsession with encyclopedic knowledge that, I think, a lot of Xers have. Instead of baseball statistics, a lot of X guys, for instance, are obsessed with Guided By Voices' B-sides. It's similar to me to a Tarantino movie, or a Beck song -- these pieces of art that are larded with cultural references, cultural allusions."

JG: Well, I think Barack Obama's doing it. And I think part of it has to do with the incredible suckitude of the last eight years. I mean, it's astonishing what we've been through. Wait, what the hell am I saying? I'm a Yuppie. I haven't been through it. But what we've witnessed. Gitmo, Abu Ghraib, Katrina, the erosion of civil liberties, I mean, it's -- regardless of what party you're with, or like, what political perspective you have, these have been really distressing years. And I think, for Gen Xers I know who are libertarians, or are kind of old-school liberals, it's been so troubling that they've -- felt themselves compelled to get up and do something." 041b061a72

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