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How to Find and Download the Best Quiz Music for Your Game Show or Trivia Night

'My Lists' enables you to create and organise playlists of music tracks and sound effects. The lists you create will be saved in your account area and you can email it to yourself, your colleague or your client.

We all love a night in watching our favourite quiz show, feeling super clever about every answer we know. But have you ever wondered how you would handle being a quiz show contestant? Well, with our free "Who wants to be a Millionaire" (WWTBAM) game template for PowerPoint you can finally find out!

download quiz music

We reconstructed the original look and feel of "Who wants to be a millionaire" to make it as realistic as possibly possible. The PowerPoint template is designed to look like the screens in the show and even animates neatly. The cherry on top are the sound effects, which are also original and will get you in that perfectly focused quiz mood. Here you can see the result when you start the presentation (be sure to turn up the volume!):

To play the quiz, questions and answers must first be customized. If you want to enable your participants to participate with their smartphones (our recommendation!), then read on here. If you want to use the template without live interaction, you can find here a tutorial to customize it.

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By downloading our template, you are pretty much ready to go. You can use the template as it is and just let the contestants shout out their answers. But especially when there's more than one participant we recommend playing the game with an interactive polling tool like SlideLizard , where your attendees can vote for the right answer with their phones. SlideLizard is directly integrated in PowerPoint, so it works perfectly with the template. Important: The game is meant to be played with your whole audience or a bigger group of people, not just one contestant. This is the reason why the money indicator goes up after every question: there will always be people who get the answer right, just like there will be some who get it wrong. Either way, the game is designed to be played until the end, so participants answer all 14 questions and the game ends at 1.000.000$. Counting the right answers has to be done manually for now. However, soon it will be possible to count the correct answers per attendee automatically, and show an overall ranking at the end.

If you don't feel like making up your own questions, that's not a problem! In a recent blog post we listed 50 great quiz ideas that you can simply add to our Who wants to be a Millionaire template to make the game even more fun: Creative Quiz Questions Ideas

Even if you've never played the original SongPop, SongPop 2 is a must-have music trivia challenge. You play against others in a race against the clock for correct answers. Listen to the song and then select the answer, whether it is the song title or artist, as quickly as you can.

Do well and you earn in-game coins that you can redeem for additional song lists. You'll find something for everyone here. The game covers a huge variety of music genres and artists, and decades of tunes.

If you like music trivia with a bit of puzzle-play mixed in, then Music Quiz is the game you want. Listen to a song and then choose the letters to fill in the slots for the song title. You will start off with top hits and then can work your way through more categories like country, rap, and rock.

Another awesome rock music challenge, but this time for Android users, is Classic Rock Quiz. You can choose from several game modes, including Classic Quiz, Battle of the Bands, or Beat the Clock. These options give you great flexibility for the type of game you prefer, or you can try them all.

Maybe what you really love the most is music from the 90s. If so, then Top 90s Music Trivia Quiz Game is one to check out. First, choose from endless or timed game modes. Then, get ready for quite a challenge. The questions include song titles, lyrics, albums, artists, and even years.

As you earn coins for doing well, you can redeem them for adding more time, receiving hints, or skipping questions. Note that this game goes a little heavy on the ads. But if you can get past the ads, Top 90s Music Trivia Quiz Game is a super challenging trivia game for fans of that era of music.

Guess The Song is a fun name that tune game available on Android. Put on your listening ears and answer as quickly as you can. You can pick from pop, rock, or country, or jump directly to your favorite decade of music.

Continue scoring and earning coins to unlock new levels and connect to Facebook to see how you compare to your friends. Guess The Song is a terrific music trivia game to enjoy the tunes you love while you challenge yourself.

While QuizUp is not solely a music trivia game, you can still enjoy a terrific selection of song challenges with it. Then you can dabble in the other topics if you like. But for music, choose from specific artists like Adele or Drake. You can also select a certain decade, pick your favorite genre, or just check out what's popular.

Play a random player, a QuizUp pal, or test your knowledge with a single-player game. Just do your best to climb the ranks and move up the levels for each topic and you will rock this game. And, when you want a break from the music scene, check out television, movies, sports, nature, or business trivia.

Christmasphere has loads of fun quizzes for you to enjoy. We have Christmas-themed quizzes for the festive season. Plus music quizzes for throughout the year. Keep checking back as we add more to the trivia and quiz section.

If you would like to download the PDF version of this general music quiz to either use digitally or print at home, we have made copies available in both A4 and US Letter size so you can print anywhere in the world.

Jingle Quiz: logo music trivia is a Trivia game developed by ELIA GAMES. BlueStacks app player is the best platform to play this Android game on your PC or Mac for an immersive gaming experience.

To all the jingle masters out there, are you ready to put your music knowledge to the test with Jingle Quiz? This game is perfect for anyone who loves catchy tunes, famous brands, and a fun quiz format.

BlueStacks lets you master Jingle Quiz: logo music trivia with useful features like the Repeated Tap. Now you do not have to press the same key repeatedly to initiate an action. Just assign it to one key and you are good to go.

BlueStacks is an app player that has over 500 million downloads, making it the most popular emulator to date. Download BlueStacks today and see why people enjoy playing their favorite Android games and apps on PC or Mac.

NPR's weekly news quiz. Have a laugh and test your knowledge with today's funniest comedians. And if you can't get enough, try our new mid-week show, Everyone & Their Mom. Each Wednesday, host Emma Choi takes the story everyone's talking about and uses it as an excuse to hang out with culture makers, Wait Wait panelists, and hilarious new comedians.Hate free content? Try a subscription to Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!+. Your subscription supports public radio and unlocks fun bonus episodes along with sponsor-free listening. Learn more at

Did You Know? Unicode have prohibited the creation of emojis to represent real people alive, or dead. This sadly means that we can never expect an Axl Rose, Elton John or Beatles emoji. Have I just given away a clue? You will have to try the quiz to find out.

If you, your family, friends or students had a great time solving our emoji quizzes then we have lots of other great party games for you to try. How about a round of bingo? We have lots of different themes to choose from so there is something to suit every event. Maybe it would be a good idea to get your guests moving with an exciting scavenger hunt? Or, perhaps everyone would enjoy an old classic like Pin the Tail on the Donkey?

When you click on the game after finish downloading it, you'll be brought to a loading screen to wait for the game to finish downloading its files. (Also downloads during every new event so you'll need to be patient!)

When you get in the game, you'll first listen to Miku talking to you. After you enter your name, you will then have Miku explain the SEKAI to you. Your answers during the dialogue exchange will not effect story or gameplay. Once you finish, a brief rhythm game tutorial will begin. No matter your score, you will still be allowed to progress. You will then be taken to a personality quiz that will assign you a Unit. The quiz consists of three questions and five answers for each question. Each answer corresponds to a unit, the unit with the most answers will be chosen. If all three answers correspond to a different unit, the game will chose a random unit out of the three answers.

When you have finished the quiz, you will be taken to the page of the unit you have been assigned. You can use the arrows on the sides to navigate each group if you would like to change your given unit. Once you tap the 'Group Select' button, the opening story for your chosen unit will start playing.

6. A middle school science class studying ocean ecosystems must gather material for multimedia projects. The teacher downloads pictures and information on marine life from various commercial and noncommercial sites to store in a folder for students to access. This is fair use.

8. A student film buff downloads a new release from a Taiwanese Web site to use for a humanities project. As long as the student gives credit to the sites from which he's downloaded material, this is covered under fair use.

18. A student wants to play a clip of ethnic music to represent her family's country of origin. Her teacher has a CD that meets her needs. It is fair use for the student to copy and use the music in her project.

6. A teacher downloads pictures and information on marine life from various sites. True. The Web may be mined for resources. Download away (of course, don't hack into subscription sites)! But remember: you can't put these projects back up on the Web without permission from the copyright holders.

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