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Become a Hunting Mentor!

Ever thought of mentoring a young person or even

an adult? Our Outdoor and Hunting heritage depends on it!

I grew up in a home that did not hunt or fish, my Grandpa took me squirrel hunting a few times and we went fishing a lot! I loved anything I did with him but being outdoors made that time for me even more special! Into my teen years, I wanted to deer hunt but knew nothing about it. A good friend of mine and his father would let me go with them, gave me advice, and took me under their wing. I still went deer hunting and started turkey hunting into my late 20's. But as life goes, job-family-etc., completely stopped hunting.

If you are interested in helping young people and not sure where to start, keep an ear open at church, maybe a Father/Son (Mother/Daughter) are both looking for a way to start hunting. Look at your own family or a friends family, offer to help that young person out. Take them on a youth hunt, take them with you when you go hunting on a quick hunt close to home. Our outdoor/hunting lifestyle depends on us, passing down what we know and giving our knowledge and experience to the next generation.

Lets not forget about mentoring adults too! If it wasn't for my best friend getting me into coyote hunting years ago, I probably wouldn't have the love for the outdoors and hunting that I do today! That friend is also responsible for getting me back into deer hunting, turkey hunting, and reloading. Not only did my love for the outdoors and hunting become a lifestyle for me but my mentor turned into my best friend and my hunting partner, still to this day. That's something I wouldn't trade for anything!

So keep your eyes and ears open to young people and adults looking for help and/or advice on the outdoors and hunting, your passion just may very well be someone else's and they just haven't found it yet!

Good luck and good hunting!

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