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The Passion of Hunting

It is not a hobby, it is a lifestyle and it consumes us

Hunting has become such an important part of my life and I am sure many of you can agree. I grew up without any hunters in my family so it was something that always intrigued me, but I did not have the resources like others might. The internet and YouTube turned into my best friend. In fact, I shot my first doe from a shooting shed after getting of the school bus at my grandparents. From there on, it was history. The few moments of adrenaline and excitement was something I craved…

Years later, here we are! Not only do I get to share the lifestyle with family but with best friends. The amount of information I have learned and soaked up is tremendous. I am nowhere near where I want to be and there are so many things I want to achieve. To do those, it needs to be more than just a hobby to me. It takes work and you must be willing to put that work in.

To achieve those goals and expect results that you are wanting to see it takes time and you must start somewhere. Whether that is hunting with someone that has a better knowledge, research, and most importantly trial and error. I can honestly say the biggest takeaway I have had in my hunting career is learning from my mistakes, trust me, I have made plenty!! What works for someone else may not work for you, everyone is different, and properties are different, it takes time to learn these things.

Learn what works for you and run with it. Put the work in and you will see results.

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